Freeze Cryotherapy Grand Opening

Rye Brook, come chill with us and experience what -260° can do with our Whole Body Cryo, Cryo Facials, and Localized Cryo treatments.

Cryotherapy is a special type of whole body or localized exposure cold therapy, where your body is immersed in sub-zero temperatures to turbo–charge its ability to heal… in just 3 minutes.

Expanding waistline? Freeze it. Reset your metabolism and combat stress. The perfect addition to any fitness plan. Athletes wanting to keep their minds and bodies at the top of their game use cryotherapy to push them further. Repair muscle tissue while burning another 800 calories? Cool! Tighten up…your skin that is! Firm skin and refine pores in minutes. Tighter pores, less blemishes, and less inflamed complexion.

Our Special First Time Offers include:
• $50 First Time Whole Body Cryotherapy Session
• $35 First Time Cryo Facial Session
• $35 First Time Localized Cryo Session

“Be. Cool.” Sometimes you just need to stand still and be. Cool that is. Let your body repair, relax and rejuvenate! Take the polar plunge to great health. Book your first session online at We’re located on the 2nd floor, next to RIPPED Fitness.