The Therapy Nest has Expanded in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center Plaza

The Therapy Nest
Rachel Fleming, MS, OTR/L
14 Rye Ridge Plaza, Suite 242
Facebook- @thetherapynest

The Therapy Nest has Expanded in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center Plaza

Rye Ridge Shopping Center, Plaza and South are excited to announce The Therapy Nest, a Pediatric OT, has signed an expansion to nearly double their size in the adjacent space.

The Therapy Nest specializes in pediatric occupational therapy and provides a full range of OT services for children. Rachel Fleming, pediatric occupational therapist and local Rye mom, started with in home sessions; traveling from one house to the next, helping children all while building the backbone of what would soon become The Therapy Nest. On October 1, 2015 Rachel officially opened a permanent Therapy Nest location at Rye Ridge Shopping Center.

Since opening, Rachel has seen a steady increase in demand. Though only marketing through word of mouth and her outstanding track record, Rachel has continued to grow her business to the point where her current space could not accommodate the increased demand. In order to keep the quality of her practice consistent with what the kids have grown to love, she decided to expand.

Rye Ridge, happy to assist a growing local business, was eager to make the transition as seamless as possible. To insure no delay of operations, Ownership expanded Rachel’s space into the adjoining unit, making sure to complete the additional work outside of regular business hours. Erin Hinchey, Leasing Agent for the Shopping Center had this to say, “The hour these kids spend with Rachel playing and learning useful skills is their favorite part of the week, the least we could do was ensure Rachel could keep working even as we finished off her addition.”