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Rye Brook center’s integrated approach to chronic diseases
Lauren Glassberg

RYE BROOK, NEW YORK (WABC) — Those who are suffering from chronic illnesses can now find relief at the Blum Center for Health in Ryebrook, New York, which offers multidisciplinary treatment plans for each patient.

Individuals have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and programs designed to teach useful ways to deal with stress.

Irene Mays was frustrated with daily pain from headaches and arthritis.

“I would just go to my medicine chest and start everyday with a coffee and a big fistful of meds,” she says.

After turning to the Blum Center for help, she is learning an entirely new way of eating by cutting gluten out of her diet.

Dr. Susan Blum feels that treating symptoms and finding out what is causing them are equally important.

Through medical tests, cell, and blood analysis, an accurate diagnosis is given. Patients are then able to receive a plan tailored to meet their specific needs.

Additionally, there are detoxifying drinks and supplement programs that can boost energy and aid in overall wellbeing.

Since the integrated approach is offered under one roof, it makes the road to recovery much easier.

“I feel like I won the lottery everyday and it’s very satisfying. Finally I feel like my body and spirit are on the same page and it feels great,” Mays said.